Member Support

NJELSA is immersed in State political advocacy, working closely with legislators and Administration officials on issues impacting the industry and membership.

The larger our membership, the stronger our voice. As other industries attempt to regulate the Security Life Safety and Fire Alarm industry, the NJELSA advocates to protect your livelihood. Become a member and help us advocate to protect your business.

Meet Our Lobbyists

The NJELSA is fortunate to have the Princeton Public Affairs Group (PPAG), as our lobbyists. The top New Jersey lobbying firm for fourteen consecutive years, PPAG and its Winning Circle of Companies span every inch of government, public policy, and communications. They have an unprecedented team of professionals drawing on years of experience as senior leaders and trusted advisors. As New Jersey Public Affairs Firms go, PPAG– Princeton Public Affairs Group is home to one of America’s most respected state-based government affairs and lobbying teams, and continues to be New Jersey’s largest. That’s because the deliver for the people they serve. With a diverse, bi-partisan collection of professionals that includes former elected officeholders and professionals hailing from wide range of senior leadership roles in the public and private sectors, the organization offers a seasoned roster of advisors and strategists. That’s how they’ve earned our trust.

While the political and regulatory process provides little certainty or predictability, the PPAG team offers a strong combination of experience and a record of delivering success. Princeton Public Affairs Group has an unprecedented, winning track record in virtually every segment of public policy.


Legislation – Regulations – Taxes

LEvery day in Trenton, someone somewhere is working on new laws and regulations, or is trying to alter those that are already “on the books.” Unfortunately, the changes can often be burdensome, devastating and detrimental to your livelihood. Having your lobbyist “on call“ to educate the legislature and/or regulatory body on issues that can affect you and your business is vital.

Princeton Public Affairs Group, the NJELSA’s lobbying firm, is constantly monitoring any potential changes in legislation and/or regulation that could negatively impact your business and your livelihood. Some of the many methods that our lobbyist and the NJESA utilize to effect positive change include contact with our legislators, creating coalitions with related industries, and reaching out to other small business groups, trade associations and community organizations with shared concerns. Uniting to speak with one voice has proven that there is indeed strength in numbers.

Sometimes the legislative and/or regulatory changes can be beneficial and are supported by the electronic security industry, but regrettably, more often than not, these changes can have an adverse effect on our industry. Thankfully, our lobbyist and legislative affairs committee keep a constant eye on these legislative and regulatory proposals. We diligently do so because we understand that these proposed changes can not only affect you and your business, but the entire electronic security and life safety systems industry.

Such vigilance on the part of our association, unfortunately, comes at a cost. We need to maintain a strong voice in New Jersey and stay proactive to accomplish our goals as an industry. As New Jersey continues to become less friendly towards small businesses, the sobering reality is that we need PAC (Political Action Committee) funding now more than ever, to help achieve our legislative and regulatory goals. Please support your association’s PAC financially, so that we can continue to proactively monitor and engage on issues that can not only affect our industry as a whole, but most importantly, your individual business and livelihood.

Support Our PAC Fund

The NJELSA utilizes membership dues and proceeds from our events to retain a full time lobbyist to represent our industry to legislators and regulators and to promote public safety through effective alarm management. The NJELSA PAC Fund is supported by companies making additional financial contributions to allow us to promote our message and strengthen our voice in the political arena.

With so many issues affecting our industry, we need to grow our PAC Fund so we are always ready for any and all situations that may arise. If you would like to donate or have questions, please contact Christine Higgins at 609-695-4444.