Group Health Insurance

New Member Benefit:

Individual Disability, Individual Long Term Care,
and Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance
Dear Members,
NJELSA is excited to announce several benefits for members! NJELSA, through Bernard Mehalick at Mehalick Insurance Agency, now offers individual disability and long term care insurance as well as group health insurance.
The group health insurance program entails a brief medical underwriting, where your company can be rewarded with a more competitive premium structure for relatively good health among your employees and their covered dependents, as well as more competitive annual plan renewal, and the opportunity to receive substantial premium refund (up to 2 to 3 months of premium) at the end of the benefit year for good claims performance.
This program is available to businesses with a minimum of two or more covered employees. Your company must be producing a quarterly State Wage and Tax Report, which accounts for your active employees.
In addition, this is one of the only group health programs in the country that will allow you to insure 1099 paid employees.
To participate in the NJELSA group health insurance program, you must be an NJELSA member in good standing.
If your company currently offers group health insurance, or has an interest in doing so, please reach out to Bernard Mehalick at 732-887-8911 or via email at