Law A-3666 / S-3071

Important:  New Law Will Affect All Companies That Perform Public Work in N.J.

Click here to Download a PDF of the New Law

On Jan. 31, 2019, Governor Phil Murphy signed A-3666 / S-3071 into law.

This law will require participation in a U.S. D.O.L.-registered apprenticeship program as a prerequisite for any company registering as a public works contractor in New Jersey.  This will not only affect our industry but all companies that engage in public work, whether it be in a school system, municipality or state facility.

Companies of all types without participation in a registered apprenticeship program will:

  • NO LONGER be able to quote school systems, municipalities, senior housing facilities, etc.  for Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Surveillance Systems and Burglar Alarm (Intrusion Detection) Systems;
  • NO LONGER be able to provide service and inspections for these systems
  • PROBABLY HAVE TO TERMINATE existing contracts for installation, service and inspections for all electronic security and fire alarm / life safety systems in publicly-funded buildings.

A-3666 / S-3071 was pushed through the NJ State Assembly and Senate in December, right before the holiday season. The NJ ESA worked with our lobbyist to arrange a meeting with the governor’s office to voice our concerns about this damaging new law.  Board members Gerard Duffy and Casey Guagenti outlined our major areas of concern with A-3666 / S-3071, but the governor still elected to sign the legislation “as-is.”

Going forward, the NJ ESA will explore a number of options to address this new law.  There is, however, a 90-day window before the law becomes effective.  If your New Jersey Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate expires before the law becomes effective (around mid-April), then you should renew as soon as you can and renew for two years.  The reason is that, once renewed, your registration will effectively be “grandfathered” from the apprenticeship requirement until your next registration renewal.  (Keep in mind that the NJ D.O.L. will not process an application more than 30 days prior to expiration.  Thus, if your registration expires before April 1, you should work on your renewal application and be ready to submit 30 days prior to expiration, so there is a chance of getting a new registration certificate before the law becomes effective.)

Being an active member in our organization has never been more vital.  Moreover, all members should consider contributing to our P.A.C. Fund in an effort to combat legislation like this.  P.A.C. Fund resources are essential in voicing our concerns to legislators, both now and in the future.

We are continually working on this matter and we will provide more information as it becomes available. However, we do want to reiterate the severity of this new law for those member companies that perform any public work.

Click here to Download a PDF of the New Law

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