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NJELSA Congratulates Mission 500 for Achievement as “Most Influential” Organization by Security Systems News

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Marlboro, NJ. (October 15, 2020) – The New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association (NJELSA), New Jersey’s leading organization representing members of the Security and Life Safety industry and locksmiths in the state of New Jersey, today recognized Mission 500 for its “Most Influential” organization status in 2020 in Security Systems News, the security industry’s source for security trends, metrics, and news.

Mission 500 is a nonprofit organization that works closely with the security industry, including the NJELSA, to assist underserved children and communities throughout the United States. Founded in 2016, the group has helped distribute over 340,000 meals, assemble care packages filled with essential hygiene items for more than 3,700 families, and give out more than 11,000 book bags filled with school supplies to students attending Title One schools. Additionally, the organization works with Habitat for Humanity, and The Refuge (a PTSD treatment center focused on trauma, depression, and anxiety recovery). Earlier this year, the organizations collaborated with Feeding America, a US hunger-relief organization, to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is always a special honor when I have the privilege of congratulating a vital organization of which I have so much respect for,” said Ken Gould, the NJELSA’s president and Mission 500’s Chairman of the Board. “The partnership that the NJELSA and Mission 500 have established over the last few years is nothing short of extraordinary. Attendance has been wonderful at our in-person charity events like the Golf Challenge in September 2020, or our Annual Symposium in Atlantic City, where we distributed backpacks to needy children. It’s important to remember that security isn’t only about technology; it’s about keeping communities thriving so that they ward off collective security threats.”

In addition to the above outreach, Mission 500 produces various awards, such as the:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award, which honors companies in the security industry who make significant contributions to those in need;
  • Humanitarian Award, which goes to individuals in the security industry and their respective contributions toward social causes; and
  • Innovative Partner Award for partners like Brinks Home Security in 2019.

Established in 1969, the current NJELSA provides technical and management training, government advocacy, and delivers the information, advice, tools, and services that members use to grow their businesses. The organization also develops and manages programs that benefit members and promotes professional growth in the electronic security industry throughout New Jersey. In addition to its direct security and charity outreach, the NJESA also lobbies enacting of legislation beneficial to the electronic alarm system industry and the public.

Becoming an NJELSA member indicates a commitment to learning and growing, combined with personal and business success in the security industry. Benefits offer members a wealth of resources that, when leveraged, results in a measurable impact on their business.

“As we continue to weather the COVID-19 storm and communities in need continue to feel its unequal impact, it will be the twin responsibility of organizations like the NJELSA and Mission 500 to provide the required safety and security,” Gould added. “I welcome future virtual and socially distanced in-person partnerships with Mission 500 and look forward to helping meet the security of New Jerseyans for decades to come.”

For more information about the NJELSA or to learn more about the election of Ken Gould visit:, call (609) 695-4444, or email Executive Director Christine Higgins at:

The New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association
Elects New President

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Ken Gould Committed to Transformative Leadership
and Broadening Organization Reach

Marlboro, NJ. (July 29, 2020) – The New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association (NJELSA), New Jersey’s leading organization representing members of the Security and Life Safety industry as well as locksmiths in the state of New Jersey, today announced that Kenneth J. Gould, of Ken Gould Consulting and Gould Alarm and Communications was elected its new president.

Mr. Gould was sworn in at the NJELSA Annual Symposium in March of 2020 and enters the role with more than 45 years of experience in the security and life safety industry. Mr. Gould will be instrumental in helping set the organization’s agenda while staying true to exceptional leadership. He will also act as a liaison to foster positive dialogue between fire protection, life safety, and security specialists, as well as fire departments, government officials, and code regulators.

“I would like to thank the members of NJELSA for electing me as their new president,” said Gould. “This is an important time in New Jersey as its people face many unique challenges. I look forward to working with my NJELSA partners in expanding the scope of our organization’s influence.” 

Mr. Gould has served on the NJELSA Board of Directors for many years and has served and chaired numerous committees. He has prepared for this position by being the charter chapter representative for New Jersey and the Electronic Security Association. He also acts as a consultant and is a frequent speaker on industry-related topics.

In addition to his close work with the NJELSA, Mr. Gould is also involved in several other professional and community associations, including The Mission 500 national charity organization where he is the Chairmen of the Board. He also served as past president of the Staten Island Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, Past President of the Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, and past president of the New York Fire Alarm Association.

Gould’s new term, which began in March, includes a variety of longer-term goals: 

  • To adjust the NJELSA’s financial goals by reducing the budget for the recovery of 2020
  • To set goals for 2021 with the understanding that large, in-person events may not occur in the near future
  • To work more closely with the NJELSA’s talented Executive Director, Christine Higgins
  • To empower membership with more education and tools to improve their business
  • To broaden the organization’s reach with more support and hello calls from staff and board members to support the membership
  • To add more non-board members on the 2020 committees; the NJELSA currently has nine committee members not on the board of directors
  • To work with the codes, standards and licensing committee and the new AHJ public safety committee
  • To transform the organization by utilizing technology, such as a new phone system, more social media, new vertical boardroom equipment for Board calls
  • To identify future leaders and use the experience of the present board members
  • To help cultivate and build on the powerful talent within the organization
  • To recognize membership with awards such as, “Member of the Month”
  • To support other industry associations and the community at large by way of charities such as Mission 500

“Beyond these tangible goals, I see my new role as one of style-driven leadership,” Gould added. “The first half of 2020 has forced New Jerseyans to adapt to a radically different world. The same is true for the NJELSA. As we look for new ways to innovate and to bring us all together in virtual ways, I look forward to relying on my superior team members for their creative ideas and support.”

For more information about the NJELSA or to learn more about the election of Ken Gould visit:, call (609) 695-4444, or email Executive Director Christine Higgins at:

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