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Do you hold NJ’s Telecommunication Exemption registration and do network or home automation and commercial related work? Learn how to minimize your exposure to license violations and fines. Join the NJELSA and take advantage of our many benefits and new opportunities.

What is the NJELSA?

The New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association (NJELSA) is a driving force in providing information and training to our members to ultimately protect the consumer. NJELSA always promotes hiring a licensed contractor. Our members must adhere to a strong Code of Ethics, which underscores the importance of high standards.


By joining the NJELSA, you’ll be able to take advantage of our training and open the pathway to being licensed. Plus, you’ll enjoy many more benefits.

  • Be informed on laws, regulations, business practices and requirements
  • Profit from education and training and receive approved CEU credits toward licensing
  • Learn about legal aspects and insurance
  • Networking opportunities between our industries

NJELSA Membership Benefits

  • Attend membership meetings and events
  • Training discounts
  • Discounts at our Annual Symposium
  • Legislation and Code updates
  • Exclusive use of the NJESA logo

The Path to Being Licensed

Connect with the NJESA for $425 for one year.

For more information on the NJELSA and membership contact Sunitha Arni at or call 609.695.4444

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