Toys For Tots (2020)

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Toys For Tots 2020

Toys For Tots is struggling this year due to the pandemic and all of the social distancing that COVID-19 requires. The children are having a hard time with the current situation, from not being able to interact with friends and family to the ever-changing school season. All of us have been affected in some manner, some more than others; however, as “essential personnel,” I think we have no better opportunity than now than to show how essential our industry truly is! Life safety is more than systems and monitoring, it is community interest.

Option 1: Donate a Toy


Go online, purchase a new toy, and drop ship to:

B Safe Inc. (c/o Toys For Tots)
679 Bridgeton Pike
Mantua, NJ 08051

B Safe Inc. volunteers will then transport the toys to a centrally located drop-off location for their distribution.

Option 2: Donate Money


Click on the Paypal link included below and make a monetary donation to the Toys For Tots program – no amount is too small – and we will do the shopping for you.

Additionally, if you have a specific New Jersey county you want your money sent to, just let us know. We have a representative within Toy For Tots that will distribute your donation to your county of designation.

Toys For Tots 2020