Voice Your Opposition to Law A-3666 / S-3071

Voice Your Opposition to the New Law Affecting All Companies That Perform Public Work in N.J.

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We strongly urge you to contact your Assemblyperson and State Senator to voice your strong opposition to  A-3666 / S-3071 and request a meeting to discuss your concerns. 


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I am writing to you to voice my strong opposition to A-3666 / S-3071, which will hurt thousands of small businesses throughout New Jersey, including hundreds of small businesses that are a part of the New Jersey Electronic Security Association (NJESA).  Collectively, these small member companies employ thousands of people in our state.  This new law will not only block thousands of small businesses, in many industries, from being able to renew their Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate, it will also cause service issues for many of the security and life safety systems already installed in public buildings, and it has the potential to allow people with extensive criminal backgrounds to work in schools and sensitive government areas.  Therefore, I am requesting that this new law be amended to allow licensed companies in my industry to continue to be able to register for a Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate.

A-3666 / S-3071 will impose a new requirement for participation in a U.S. D.O.L.-registered apprenticeship program as a prerequisite for any company registering as a public works contractor in NJ.  This will effectively block thousands of small businesses that already engage in public work from future participation, as they will become ineligible for registration.  While this will have ramifications for thousands of small businesses in a variety of industries, there are special considerations for the NJESA’s member companies, which provide installation and service for vital electronic security and life safety systems in all types of public buildings throughout New Jersey, from schools to municipal and state facilities, and everything in between.

There are many existing fire alarm systems and electronic security systems (i.e. burglar alarm systems, CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, intercom systems, etc.) throughout municipal and state buildings that were installed and are serviced by manufacturer-authorized NJ State Licensed Burglar Alarm / Fire Alarm dealer companies for those systems, which are the only companies that are able to obtain new replacement parts, provide programming and receive factory training.  By barring these companies from working on these existing systems, the municipal and state buildings will have an enormous problem maintaining these specialized safety systems.

Importantly, our industry is already licensed by the State of New Jersey for electronic security and fire alarm work, which includes requirements for initial training and continuing education training.  As part of our licensure, there are also requirements for criminal background checks.  However, if companies such as mine are barred from all public work, you may have other licensed contractors doing this work without background checks (as many of the licensing laws in New Jersey do not include requirements for background checks).  Therefore, one possible negative outcome of this new law could be that contractors with extensive criminal backgrounds are now exclusively allowed to work in schools and/or sensitive government areas.

The New Jersey Electronic Security Association, our foremost industry trade association, provides NJ State-approved

industry-related training and certification training for entry level and advanced candidates in the electronic security and life safety systems industry.  I would urge that A-3666 / S-3071 be amended to include the NJ ESA’s training program as an approved alternative to a U.S. D.O.L.-registered apprenticeship program.

In closing, I implore you to amend A-3666 / S-3071, so as to allow licensed companies in my industry to register for a Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate, as before, and continue to provide the installation and service of vital electronic security and life safety systems in public facilities throughout New Jersey.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.

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