Your 2020 Association Dues

What is Different This Year?

This week you will receive your new 2020 association dues. You’ll notice that this invoice is different than those sent in years past and here is why.

The ESA Decision on the State Chapter Program
Recently, the ESA Board of Directors voted to sunset the association´s state chapter program. That means that ESA will now be separate from all the state chapters, including New Jersey. This was their decision, not ours.

A New Dues Structure
What does this mean for you and your NJ association? Since we are no longer affiliated with ESA, we have a new dues structure. Your dues will now go directly to your state association and will allow us to grow and focus even more on state and local issues that directly affect you.

Our new dues structure allows all members to pay the same annual fee of $425 regardless of your company type or company size.

And a New Name
We also have a new name! We are now the New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association. If you are writing a check, you should make it payable to our new name. We are working hard on a new logo, domain name, website and much more.

New Member Benefits
Meanwhile, we are also developing new member benefits and as we said, focusing even more on issues specific to New Jersey and our members. You will soon be receiving an email with details about a new healthcare plan!

Pay Online or by Check
You have options! Either pay your 2020 dues by clicking the link that will be sent to your through PayPal or send your check made payable to our new name, the New Jersey Electronic Life Safety Association or NJ-ELSA.

If you are paying by check, please send your check directly to our NJ office at 96A Vanderburg Road, Marlboro, NJ 07746. Please don’t mail your payments to ESA in Texas!

This is a exciting new beginning with great new opportunities. 2020 and your NJ association will be better than ever!


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